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Discover the Power of Ceramic Coating

Experience Unmatched Protection with Ceramic Coating

Choose Tier 1 Autohaus for Ceramic Coating and drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle is protected from the elements.

Once applied, Ceramic Coating chemically bonds with your vehicle’s paint, acting like a protective, glass-like layer over your paint. Your paint stays shiny. No more water spots from rain or washing. No more need for waxing, making vehicle maintenance a breeze.

We Xpel Fusion Plus, a ceramic coating product known for its unrivaled glossy shine and superior hydrophobic protection. Xpel’s ceramic coating also offers improved scratch resistance in one application. Perfect for maximizing the life of your paint protection film. Choose from a one, four, or eight year manufacturer warranty.

Tier 1’s Ceramic Coating Advantage

Why Choose Ceramic Coating

Essential Paint

Offers up to 99% UV protection from sun damage and fading in even the hottest desert landscapes.

Long-Lasting Gloss
& Shine

Protects your car's paint and helps to keeps its original showroom shine.


Reduces need for constant washes. Dirt, grime, and debris are easy to remove.

Minor Scratch &
Swirl Resistance

Provides an extra layer of protection to help prevent minor scratches and swirls on your paint.

Resale Value

Maintains your vehicle's exterior condition for a higher resale value.

Our Pricing

Ceramic Coating Packages


1+ Year Ceramic Coating
Areas of Coverage:
Services Included :


4+ Year Ceramic Coating
Areas of Coverage:
Services Included :


8+ Year Ceramic Coating
Areas of Coverage:
Services Included :

Ceramic Coat any Surface

Wheels & Calipers

Cleaning your wheels and calipers just got easier! With heat and chemical resistance, FUSION PLUS repels dust, grime, and enhances gloss.


FUSION PLUS keeps your glass cleaner and clearer for a spotless outlook on the open road. It helps with ease of cleaning and maintenance.
ceramic coating in las vigas

Trim & Plastic

Preserve the appearance of your plastic and trim surfaces with unrivaled protection against fading and weathering from UV rays by adding ceramic coating.


Stains are a thing of the past! Add ceramic coating to repel spill and prevent stains on carpets, leather, vinyl, and other fabrics while retaining the factory feel and finish.

Paint Correction Services

One Step

Experience the luxury of flawless paintwork with our One-Step Paint Correction. This service eliminates up to 50% of light to medium imperfections, including swirls and marring, from your vehicle’s painted surfaces. For the ultimate in protection and shine, we recommend pairing this with our exclusive paint protection film or ceramic coating packages.

Two Step

Elevate your vehicle’s appearance with our Two-Step Paint Correction service, scientifically formulated to eliminate up to 80% of light, medium, and heavy swirls, scratches, and marring from your vehicle’s painted surfaces. For unparalleled protection and a lasting finish, we highly recommend combining this service with our paint protection film and ceramic coating packages.

The Simplified Ceramic Coating Process

Step 1: Decontamination

Our initial focus is ensuring your car is cleaned and prepped. We execute a comprehensive “full decontamination” process, encompassing a hand wash, clay bar treatment, and chemical fallout removal. Every inch of your car’s paint, including the nooks and crannies and even behind the license plate, undergoes thorough cleansing. This detailed process guarantees that no dirt or contamination impedes the bond of subsequent coatings.

Step 2: Inspection & Restoration

Following the cleaning process, we thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s paint for any imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, and water spots that diminish the gloss and shine. For newer vehicles, a light primer polish is applied to address minor defects. For vehicles a few years old, we highly recommend our paint correction service to restore the paint to a pristine condition before applying any coatings.

Step 3: Coating Application

Once your car has been thoroughly cleaned and restored, we begin the coating application process. The coating is carefully applied to your vehicle using an applicator pad, ensuring even coverage across small 3×3 sections. Each application is left to cure for 60 seconds, allowing the coating to bond effectively. Any excess coating is then gently removed with a microfiber towel. After the entire vehicle is coated, the finish cures and hardens over a period of 24 hours, ensuring a durable and glossy protective layer.
Ceramic Coating Advantage

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Essential Paint Protection

Long-Lasting Gloss & Shine

Easy Maintenance

Minor Scratch & Swirl Resistance

Enhanced Resale Value

Stay Shiny & Never Wax Again with Ceramic Coating

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Raving Reviews

Our Happy Customers

I brought my new 4 runner to Tier 1 Autohaus looking to get it protected. They educated me on a couple different options which then I ultimately chose to do Stealth Paint Protection film and ceramic coating to give my car a better look keep my new car protected and I couldn’t be happier with the result!
Heather J
I had full tint, front end PPF, interior PPF, and ceramic coating done by Tier 1 Autohaus and I can’t recommend them enough. Austin, Tony, and the entire Tier 1 team were extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and professional during the consultation process and my car looks incredible. I knew nothing about tint or any of their other services but the time was taken to answer my questions and make sure my car would turn out as expected. There’s no one else I’d trust with my car than Tier 1 when it comes to tint, PPF, or any other aesthetic/protective service.
Austin H
The amazing team over at Tier 1 Autohaus did a complete make over on my c63. I got a full wrap removal, colored paint protection film on the full body, chrome delete, brake caliper color change, wheels striped and polished, ceramic tint, and ceramic coating to top everything off. I couldn’t be more satisfied with how my car came out! Only bringing my car to them from now on.
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